Waterstone Jewelry

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Waterstone Jewelry is the passion project of one little boy, our founder, Sebastian McCullough. Since the age of 8, he’s made all our jewelry by hand. At Waterstone Jewelry, he creates beautiful handmade earrings, bracelets, and necklaces to benefit children in need.
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The Waterstone Jewelry Mission

Welcome to Waterstone Jewelry. Our mission is to help provide clean drinking water to children all over the world one piece of jewelry at a time. We donate the proceeds of every item of handmade jewelry you purchase from us to Living Water International.

Living Water International works with communities all over the world via training programs staffed by volunteers that teach communities things like shallow well drilling, pump repair, and other water solutions as well as provide hygiene education programs. These programs empower communities by giving them the skills to ensure they have a lasting supply of clean water.

Your Jewelry Purchases Will Help

  • Children gain access to clean drinking water
  • Fund clean water education projects
  • Volunteers go all over the world on mission trips to empower communities in their clean water efforts
  • Teach communities to dig their own wells
  • Plus 100% of every sale goes to Living Water International

You can help children everywhere have safe, clean water just by purchasing one item of handmade jewelry today.

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